Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Signore, ascolta!

Yes, through a gentle sigh in the dark
I heard her, Signore
she is a woman ---

Her sigh is like a pearl
dropping on the icy face of grief
with each quivering of ripples
she redefines winter landscape

Her bodyline winds through shores
like wind, pushes waves to a end of sea
where --- she captures glimmer of moonlight
turns darkness into sunrise

Her voice rises with the Sun
by each melodic tone
she turns the sorrow into music
music into comfort --- in which

she embraces us
with her mighty love of grace

Oh Signore, ascolta!
She is a woman
The Mother of the Universe!

This poem is inspired by Signore, ascolta* sung by Maria Callas*Signore, ascolta --- aria from opera Turandot, composed by Giacomo Puccini. "Signore, ascolta" is Italian means "Lord, listen" in English.


  1. What a powerful effect this woman's singing must have had on you, to speak of her so reverently and rapturously! The magic of her art-to transform grief and darkness into beauty and light.

  2. thanks np.
    yes, i "understood" her singing during very recent years. she truly had the most beautiful voice FOR mankind. i use "for" not "of" because i feel her voice represent some higher being... even though i am not religious.

  3. Beautiful, yunyi. I especially love these lines, 'dropping on the icy face of grief
    with each quivering of ripples'. Always a pleasure.

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  6. @Anonymous,
    Thanks! No, I used blogger design tool and customized lots of stuffs and end up like this. I like it very much too:-)