Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mystery - Reading Odilon Redon (4. My Ambition)

4. My Ambition

My ambition
is a giant warrior
in the guise of
teeny flowers
blossom soundlessly
in early


The Perfect Poet Award for Week 72 Winners!

I am honored to received the Perfect Poets Award, 
. Thanks Aya Gugles Wilson. I nominate Dishilicious for the award of next week.


  1. Hi YunYi! So happy to read you here....I love your ambition imagery. It sounds quite mighty :)

  2. @sb, thanks! every teeny flower is a mighty ambition of life, right?

    @anna, thanks!

  3. Nothing is a bold as the force of nature. Look at flowers blooming through cracks in cement. Odilon Redon is on of my favorite Symbolists.

  4. Layla, glad you like Redon, my all time favorite! You are right, nothing is as bold as the force of nature.