Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Abstract - Reading Paul Klee (31. The Book of History)

31. The Book of History

As the Book of History
flipped in a reversed direction
the background of an ancient castle
blended voluntarily
into the modern color


  1. Yun Yi, I love your poetic interpretations of Paul Klee’s paintings! It is so imaginative to see this abstract as a book of history revealing itself with the background of an ancient castle blending into a modern color spectrum...and I can see it as that after reading your poem.

  2. Thanks JerseyLil for all your comments. I love Klee's paintings and feel surprised myself that I could find words come out of mind when I looked at them. The first 4 poems of this series was done in Chinese, and it was over 20 years ago.

  3. yunyi, love how in this poem you are suggesting that Klee is re-creating some antique sense of beauty but in modern terms.

  4. np, you are right. and in someway all his works was made in this way.