Sunday, January 2, 2011

Abstract - Reading Paul Klee (13. Time)

13. Time

is not moving toward
a single destination
but flowing
along numerous paths
with numerous
turns - in which
we dwell
and live with
differently colored


  1. Yuni-The poem fits Klee's painting so perfectly-the arrows pointing in all directions. Plus, I love the image of Time being like water, casually flowing and winding down the sundry paths of our lives.

  2. @poetry of the day,
    thanks for commenting!

  3. I adore this poem. You are very talented yun yi.

    I apologize for being so distant & not visiting frequently. After 4 trips to the shop I finally have my computer back. It has all neew programming & a new email program I'm learning how to use. Sadly some of my data was lost so I'm reconstructing it before I create blog posts.

  4. @TT,
    Thanks for commenting. No apologies needed. It's a busy time of year. I hope you enjoy your new programed computer. Losing data is one of our "daily" modern life.
    Take good care!

  5. I really like this poem as well. It does really suit the image. I like the reference back to the fruits of Eden. Life and time, does seem to be cyclical, bringing with its nunmerous turns, both gaood and bad. Very nice.