Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Life of the Fisherman

Perhaps, it was because the reed
near the river bank
found the footprints
of the fisherman
seagulls made decision
to fly away
from many noisy and
madding crowds

Someone recalled the life under water
is like fish’s murmurs -
vague and mysterious, yet

Perhaps, it was because of
the overwhelming melancholy, tired legs
walked down to river
for a temporary

Many years later
someone else recalled daily life of the fisherman -
he packed up his net,
walked along river, and conversed
with rocks
The reed overheard the conversation
but it was obscure
like sand grains, mixed with bubbles of
tide waves

Maybe , it was because the fishing net blocked the view
the reed could never have a clear look of the sky -
Maybe, it was because there was no wind
The reed, who stayed behind rocks
could not see
what really happened
to the fisherman
and his life

*Translated /re-wrote from my early Chinese poem.